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Berachah Church • Houston, TX USA

Church at 2815 Sage Road, Houston, TX 77056

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  • If you want to learn true Bible Doctrine, this is the church to attend.

    Added January 01, 2022 by Virginia E. Miller
  • Have been getting tapes for over 15 years. Not only have I gained a wonderful spiritual life, but use decernment now in my life that allows me to have a richer life that I share with others.

    Added May 30, 2017 by Theresa Zacher
  • I attending Berachah faithfully for about two years in the mid eighties. It was the only organization that did not ask for my personal information or money. You were there to listen to lessons from the Bible taught using the original language. You were free to accept or reject the message that you heard. All tapes and publications are free of charge. The Church did attract a group of very conservative white people . There was an undercurrent of racism in some of the congregation but it was refuted forcefully from the pulpit Nationalism, self reliance and the value of Bible Doctrine were the major tenants that I remember. The teaching impacted how I view the world.

    Added May 27, 2017 by paula lee
  • I finally found the right pastor/teacher & church after years of being patient. The lessons hit my spiritual center. Had a tough time at first, disciplining myself to daily study, now I look forward to it like mealtime. I've learned so much about, not just the Word of God, but of history. Been a student for 39 years. Can't imagine how my life may have turned out without it, especially the rough times. I encourage any true seeker to at least try it.

    Added January 14, 2017 by LINDA S
  • I've been a student of the Word of God under the Colonel's teaching at this church since 1985. I'm so grateful that his books remain and that his son now leads the congregation, there. Was able to visit in person in 2009 and will never forget it. I sat next my true love, though we were not yet married. He has studied under RB Thieme even longer than I. We thrive together today wrapped in God's full blessing thanks to the teaching we have received by His faithful provision: Berachah Church.

    Added November 26, 2016 by Theresa Jensen
  • I cant put into words what all this church has meant to me and my family. I am as grateful for the Col.s strict teachings as I am his caring moments. His way of teaching has helped bring my focus on what is truly important and his son has the same gift.

    Added November 08, 2016 by J.M.M. Allen
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