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Church at 15415 West Road, Houston, TX 77095

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  • We have been attending Crossbridge for about 11 years now. I am continually amazed at how our church has helped people whether it is like the response we gave during Harvey, to missions or to individuals. This past Sunday, we had a very different approach. We had a prayer service. We were led by several elders in what and how to pray. It was a lesson in group prayer. Pastor Kevin can have this type of change in service because we are an independent church not governed by any outside group. In my reading this week I came across 2 Chronicles 20: 1-18. It blended together the lesson learned Sunday to the reading of God’s word. King Jehoshaphat began his prayer by first praising God, then recalled how the Lord had helped them in the past. The next step based on God’s attributes and previous promises and provisions, Jehoshaphat requested divine protection in his current situation. This is not the first time that the lesson on Sunday has been linked to one during my week. I love Crossbridge for its Bible teaching. If we turn our attention to almighty God, He will be magnified and our faith will grow. I have grown in my faith with the help of the lessons learned at Crossbridge.

    Added June 29, 2019 by J G
  • I came here 5 years ago, planned to stay low key and sit in the back pew. But, God had other things in store. I was weak in my Christian walk, but this church helped me mature so much and so quickly. It is a loving church and does not judge. It loves people where they're at. Thank you God for bringing mE here.

    Added June 02, 2017 by Gary Campbell
  • I've been a member of this church since 2012 and I love this place. Welcomed warmly, politely, and the message always hits home and makes you feel it's directed for you to change your life. I appreciate the members of this church and especially Pastor Kevin. Beautiful place of worship.

    Added March 26, 2017 by Lindsey Dykes
  • I am not a "Church evaluator" just a Christian that went to bible college and teaches Christian apologetics.

    Dr. Kevin Pigg is an awesome preacher that teaches truth. We have grown more at this church than any other church we have attended over the last 30 years.

    Added March 12, 2017 by D C
  • This is my home church. Pastor Kevin is full of grace and peace. I have had the opportunity to really get to know Kevin and his lovely wife Jill and they are both full of Christ's love. What else can I say, the Gospel is preached, the community is served and the people are loved. Thank you Kevin for lovingly shepherding me and my family.

    Added February 25, 2017 by Amanda Zoch
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I find this Church to be hysterical. I was asked to come in about a month ago under cover as a Church evaluator by my friend then goes here. The fact that I got to come in as a Church evaluator of 30 plus years and then reply to this Church to help open the eyes of the members about the false teaching going on. This Church is a WEAK Church. I really do not appreciate liars in a Church and I do not appreciate the person on here that decided to pretent to be and list under D C and lie about me and my job because they can't take the truth about this Church. This Church is for FAKE BELIEVERS that do not and can not take the real word of God.

    Added July 31, 2016 by Daniel Casey
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